Refreshing your brand—updating your look for less.

It tells the story of who you are as a business, what you stand for and why potential clients would choose you over your competition.

So isn’t it fascinating that we update our computers, update our equipment, office, cars and other tools of the trade but often simply set and forget our brand.

Refreshing your brand every five or so years can bring a new lease of life to your business and refocus in your mind, and your employees and your customers what your brand means and how it’s being communicated.

It will also help you better reflect the changing direction your business is likely to have taken in the five years since your last brand refresh.

I know most of you will roll your eyes when I say this, but a refresh doesn’t have to be daunting or costly.

And, a brand refresh doesn’t mean a new name but rather an updated look.

Of course, the transition to the new brand—more an evolution than a revolution in most cases—can be done over time, cost effectively and simply by updating the digital assets of your brand first and the printed assets as stocks are run down.

If you don’t believe brands can be refreshed effectively over time, take a look at one the of world’s most famous brands, Coca-Cola through the years.

It has remained a constant brand but its brand marque and devices of today bear little resemblance to the original brand.


Similarly, Shell has transitioned its brand as its business has grown and expanded and changed its strategy through the decades.



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