Make our team, your team

With our head office on the Gold Coast and offices in Sydney, the Shac Communications team provides complete campaign solutions.

We deliver the results you’d expect from a big consultancy with the attention to detail of a boutique agency.

Our team includes award-winning political correspondents and journalists; former media advisors to Federal Cabinet Ministers and Federal Party leaders; and former national corporate affairs managers who have directed media and communications for AX200-listed organisations that operate across the Asia Pacific region.

Each member of the team brings a diverse background and specific expertise to the team to deliver incomparable results for our diverse range of clients.

Our experience and connections means we can contribute to and manage tasks on a whole-of-project basis through the complex lead-up, preparation and implementation or supplement your existing capabilities.

And, you can call us anytime.

It’s like having an in-house campaign team without paying for any downtime.

Simone Holzapfel

Managing Director

Shac Founding Partner Simone Holzapfel has almost two decades of communications experience in the public and private sectors that includes wide-ranging political and media practice, as well as extensive national media contacts.
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